Dance Through the Pictures!

Warm Up for the Body and Mind  


~ Meditation, massage, dynamic stretching and cardio.



~ Gain full body flexibility. There will be a focus on doing stretches properly in a safe way.



~ Gain full body strength.  There will be a focus on doing exercises properly in a safe way.

Across the Floor Technique  


~ Practice jumps, turns, kicks and rolls while travelling across the floor

Across the Floor Style Combos 


~ Learn a new across the floor combo in a different style every two weeks. Practise travelling while dancing.  Reverse Choreography from the right side to the left.

Across the Floor Technique Combos 


~ Learn to work on technique while doing choreography at the same time.  Practise travelling through space.  Reverse Choreography from right side to the left.



~ Balancing in different positions vital to dance. 

Chair Barre  


~ Technique training with the use of a chair as a barre. Heavily inspired by ballet but also inspired by modern, jazz and contemporary dance. 

Centre Technique  


~  Improve on jumps, turns and kicks.

Petite Allegro 


~ Quick and small ballet based footwork and jumps. Focusing on moving the feet quickly and precisely.

Sautes and Beats 


~ Small jumps and beating the legs together. Focusing on working through the feet and gaining height. 

Port De Bras 


~ Focusing on arm movement in multiple styles of dance. Gaining strength and Movement Quality in the arms.

Montana Herridge - Artistic Director