Dance Through the Pictures!
Intensive Training Program


Is Moving Pictures Dance Co a Dance Studio? Is Moving Pictures Dance Co associated with a dance studio?  


  • Moving Pictures Dance Co is not a studio and is not associated with any dance studios. All dancers from all different training backgrounds are invited to audition. Dancers in our program are encouraged to train with other teachers and programs as well.

Do I need to have experience in any particular genre of dance?  


  • No. Dance experience is highly encouraged but knowledge of any specific genre of dance is not required. Whether you’ve trained in Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood or any other genre of dance your encouraged to audition for Moving Pictures Dance Co.

I’m scared to audition. 


  • Don’t worry the audition is not scary but actually a great opportunity to practice auditioning. The program is designed to help you become a pro-level dancer but we do not expect you to come in at this level. Moving Pictures is looking for dancers with a good work ethic, good dance etiquette and a passion for dance.

How can I do well in the audition?


  • Dancers can do well in the audition by being polite, being kind to the other dancers, showing good dance etiquette, working hard and pushing to do the best that they can do.

Will this program help prepare me for a career in dance?  


  • Yes. This program is designed to help you achieve your dreams as a dancer! Students will be given the tools they need to grow into a stronger dancer. Students will be provided knowledge about options for creating a career in dance.

Will this program help prepare me to become a dance teacher?

  • Yes. Aspiring dance teachers will be given opportunities to learn about and practice teaching dance during the program. Dancers in the program will be given the opportunity to assist Montana with her other programs if they wish.

Will this program help prepare me for dance college/university?


  • Yes. Montana has went through the process of auditioning for dance college as well as living the life of a college dance student. The program will prepare students for the intensity of dancing at a college level and to be ready to audition for Post-Secondary dance programs.

Is this program only for pre-professional dancers?


  • No. This program is for any serious dancer; no matter their career goals. Moving Pictures Dance Co is perfect for any dancer who wishes to bring their dancing to a higher level.

I’m away for part of the term.

  • Dancers are encouraged to participate for whatever part of the term they can attend.  If a dancer is aware they will be away, they should contact to discuss options.

I can't make the audition date but I wish to do the program.


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