• We are an anti-bullying studio and are committed to keeping our studio family safe from bullying. All bullying cases will be addressed with a customized approach. We have the right to expel dancers from the studio for bullying.

  • Absolutely no refunds will be given, including for missed classes.

  • All receipts will be emailed out.

  • We have the right to contact you via the email, phone number and social media accounts that you put on your registration form.

  • The studio has the right to cancel class the day of, due to weather, teacher illness or emergency. If class is cancelled it will be posted on our social media and it will emailed out to regular students. We recommend checking our website/social media before class.

  • The studio has the right to use a substitute dance teacher to fill in for class at anytime without prior notification to students or parents/guardians.

  • If a registered class is cancelled, the class will be rescheduled. Drop In classes will not be rescheduled.

  • All registered classes have an average monthly rate. Each month will cost the same whether there are 3 classes, 5 classes or any number of classes that month.

  • Class passes are valid for 6 months. After 6 months an extension fee must be paid.

  • Parents of students under the age of 9 must pick students up inside the studio for safety reasons. Students 9+ will be allowed to walk to their car by themselves. All students must wait inside the building if their ride is not in the parking lot.

  • Students are not allowed to eat or chew gum while they are dancing as it is a chocking hazard.

  • Dancer’s cell phone’s must stay in their dance bag or on the side of the room during class.

  • Our dress code is open for freedom of expression, however dancers must wear clothing that allows for free movement. Wearing proper athletic attire will help students feel comfortable in class. Jeans are not allowed as they restrict movement. Dresses must have a body suit or shorts underneath.

  • No outside shoes are allowed on the studio floor to protect our professional dance floors and keep our floors clean for our dancers. Parents/Guardians/Guests should be prepared to take off their shoes to use our in studio bathroom. Guardians for our Me & My Mini Me class should be prepared to not wear their outdoor shoes.

  • Injury Wavier Forms must be signed or there will be no participation in class. If an injury occurs while on the premises (in our building, our parking lot or property) or on the way to class, it is understood and agreed that Moving Pictures Dance Co and our affiliates will not be legally liable or held financially responsible in any way.

  • Students, parents and legal guardians authorize any representative of Moving Pictures Dance Co to obtain any medical treatment that may be deemed necessary during an emergency situation where first aid and medical attention is required. Students, parents and legal guardians agree to pay for cost of an ambulance ride in an emergency situation.


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