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Dance Through  the Pictures!

At Moving Pictures Dance Co, we have huge imaginations. Children will learn through make believe games. Teens and Adults will learn to use their imagination to become strong performers and creators. All students will develop individuality, creativity and artistry.

Moving Pictures Dance Company

Moving Pictures Dance is committed to helping students follow their dreams. No dream is too big. Our goal is to help our students make their dreams a reality.


Moving Pictures Dance Company

At Moving Pictures Dance Co, we know that anyone can learn to dance and perform. You don’t need natural talent! With quality instruction and hard work, everyone can achieve their dreams. We believe in growing and improving a little more each class. We believe in celebrating each small growth. We know that all students can grow as performers and people in our studio.

Moving Pictures Dance Company

Everyone who joins Moving Pictures Dance Co will be welcomed into a family. There will be opportunities to make meaningful and valuable friendships. Students will gain a mentor that will invest in them. Students will learn in a safe, encouraging, family environment.

Moving Pictures Dance Company


Moving Pictures Dance

& Performing Arts

3 Moffatt Rd Mount Pearl, NL 

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Dance Models:

Montana Herridge

Leilani Bowry

Stephanie Keller

James Luong

Mahindra Ramcharan

Airi Okamoto


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