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Montana Herridge


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Miss Montana has been obsessed with dance since the day she first stepped into the studio at 3 years old and she is extremely passionate about sharing her love for dance with her students. Montana is a graduate of the Dance Performance Diploma Program at Centennial College in Toronto. She has intensive training in Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Latin, Acro, Street Dance, Street Jazz, Hip Hop and Heels; along with training in acting. While in dance college, Montana also took other related courses that help her as a dance teacher including Choreography Creation, Partnering, Audition Prep and Dance History. At the age of 14, Montana started out as an assistant dance teacher and then at 18 she started teaching her own dance classes at multiple Dance Studios in the Greater Toronto Area.  In 2018, Montana decided to move home so she could share her knowledge with students in Newfoundland and Moving Pictures Dance Co was born. Montana believes it is important for a dance teacher to always continue building on their training. She trains regularly online at Broadway Dance Center, a professional dance studio based in New York City and has completed 6 different certificate programs at Broadway Dance Center. She is a Certified Acrobatic Arts teacher and a graduate of the advanced HHM Performing Arts Certificate. Before the pandemic, Montana travelled to attend prestigious dance studios in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles and cannot wait to travel for training again.  Most recently Montana has been working on her “Rhythm Works Integrative Dance” certification to become certified to teach Adaptive and Integrative classes.  Rhythm Works describes theirselves as a “dance program for kids with Autism, Down syndrome, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, CP, and many other learning differences and special needs.” While in college Montana did her internship with “Dance Ability”, an adaptive dance program where Montana assisted adaptive classes and taught exercises/choreography in an adaptive class setting. Montana has been involved in the local professional performing arts community. She was the choreographer for Nashville Recorded song “The Lonley Man” Music Video. She was in the Dance NL professional dancer showcase at the Pedestrian Mall. In fall 2021, she regularly worked as a Background Actress on the Tv Show “Astrid and Lily Saves The World”. Aside from performing arts experience, Montana has a background in childcare, working in a pre-school, child minding center and as a nanny. Montana believes with a good teacher and hard work, all of her students can achieve whatever they put their mind to. Miss Montana looks forward to seeing you and your little ones at the studio! 


  • Centennial College Dance Performance Diploma

  • Acrobatic Arts Teacher Certification

  • Broadway Dance Center Online Choreography Program Certificate 

  • Broadway Dance Center Online Contemporary Certificate 

  • Broadway Dance Center Online Street Dance Certificate

  • Broadway Dance Center Online Musical Theatre Certificate 

  • Broadway Dance Center Online Tap Teacher Training Certificate 

  • Broadway Dance Center Online Summer Program Certificate

  • HHM Advanced Performing Arts Certificate

  • First Aid and CPR Certification

Intensive Training

  • Rhythm Works Integrative Dance (Current)

  • Interactive Online Classes Broadway Dance Center (Online/NYC) Current

  • Galen Hooks Digital (Online) Spring 2020

  • CLI Dance Teacher Training (Online) 2018-2020

  • Autism Society Dance Instructor Training Workshop

  • Millennium Dance Complex (Los Angeles) Spring 2019

  • Playground LA (Los Angeles) Spring 2019

  • The EDGE Performing Arts Center (Los Angeles) Spring 2019

  • Centennial Dance Summer Intensive (Toronto) June 2018

  • Underground Dance Centre (Toronto) Spring 2018

  • Alvin Ailey​ (New York) Winter 2018​

  • Broadway Dance Center (New York) Winter 2018

  • Steps on Broadway (New York) Winter 2018​

  • Underground Dance Centre (Toronto) Summer 2017

  • Dark Dance Company (Toronto) Spring/Summer 2017

  • Underground Dance Centre (Toronto) Summer 2016

  • Broadway Dance Center (New York) Summer 2015

  • Martha Graham School of Dance (New York) Summer 2015

  • Broadway Dance Center (New York) Summer 2014

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