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New Students

Welcome to Moving Pictures Dance Co!

We are so excited for you to join us in class!


Please read the following information which includes what to bring, COVID-19 rules, other important rules and directions that you need to know before your first class.

Important Notes:

~ Only 1 parent/guardian will be allowed to watch classes with our younger kids.


~ Parent/guardians must wear their mask for the entire duration of class unless they join in on the dancing.


~ Students over 5 must wear a mask into and out of the studio but can take them off when dancing. Students under 5, do not need a mask.


~ Students and Parents/Guardians who are watching class will need to take off their shoes as there are absolutely no outdoor shoes allowed on the studio floor.


~ For older kids and teens, we ask parents to drop their kids off and pick them up outside of the studio. Guardians should only come into the studio if they plan on sitting on the chair in their child’s square to watch the entire class as the porch waiting area is closed.


~ Students must bring their own water bottle to class.


~ There is no chewing gum or eating while dancing as it is a chocking hazard.


~ Students should take their shoes off in the porch. Coats should be brought into your dance square with you so you can put them on before leaving. If your child is wearing dance shoes, they should be put on in your child’s dance square not the porch. This will prevent too many people from clustering in the porch and allow for social distancing. It will also make leaving faster for everyone in the class as we only allow one child to leave at a time and it will be faster if we do not have to wait for each child to put on their winter clothing.


~ Most importantly you must stay home if you’re feeling sick!



Forms: There will be forms to fill out when you arrive at the studio. You can print off the forms and fill them out before you arrive to save time or we will have paper copies at the studio. All forms are required with the exception of our media release form which is optional, please only fill this form out if you are comfortable with the dancer being in photos/videos. All of our forms can be found to print off at this link:


How do I pay?

We accept cash, credit via the square and e-transfer to


Directions: The studio is located on 3 Moffatt Road, just off of Topsail Road. Once your on Moffatt, turn down into the 2nd parking lot on the left. There is a small Moving Pictures Dance Co sign on the edge of the lot along with a safety services and endurance gym sign. Once in the parking lot, you will see our logo on the door that you enter! If you get lost call 709-697-2657 as we may not see your message right away!


Dress Code: Our dress code is open to the imagination. All athletic clothing is allowed. No jeans as they restrict movement. If your child wears a dress/skirt, please wear shorts or leggings underneath. There are no outdoor shoes on the studio floor. Indoor sneakers are recommend for hip hop classes but socks/barefeet are also allowed. Barefeet/no socks are required for acro due to safety. Acro students must wear their hair up for safety reasons. Parents/Gaurdians must also take off their shoes if they are staying to watch class.

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