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  • Students are asked to stay home if they are feeling sick or having the following symptoms:

    • new or worsening cough

    • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    • temperature equal to or over 38°C

    • feeling feverish

    • chills

    • fatigue or weakness

    • muscle or body aches

    • new loss of smell or taste

    • headache

    • gastrointestinal symptoms (abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting)

    • feeling very unwell

  • Students will need to stand 6 feet apart from each other during class. Students will be given a socially distanced dance square and there will be lines on the floor to help guide social distancing.

  • Students and Guardians must ask to use the bathroom so that we can do the social distanced shuffle to make a pathway to the bathroom. 

  • Only one Parent/Guardian will be allowed into the studio to watch a student’s class.

  • Parents must sit on the chair designated for their child’s social distanced square.

  • Students and Guardians will not be allowed to linger in the porch area to ensure we can socially distance. Shoes may be taken off and hand sanitizer put on and then students must go immediately to their designated dance square. 

  • Moving Pictures Dance Co has the right to break social distancing in emergency situations, where emergency first aid is required. 

  • Moving Pictures can not guarantee that students, particularly small children will not break our social distancing rules but will do everything they can to ensure all students are 6 feet apart. All small children will have a square between them so that if they leave their square they are still socially distanced.


  • No outdoor shoes will be allowed on the dance studio floor. Parents/Guardians who plan to watch class must also take off their shoes. 

  • All bags should be taken into the designated dance square. All jackets and winter wear should be taken into the designated dance square. Changes into dance shoes should happen in the designated dance square, not the porch.

  • Students must bring their own water bottles to class, students will not be allowed to share water bottles. 

  • Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to come into the studio to drop off or pick up their child, if they are not staying to watch the class in their child’s designated dance square. Miss Montana will stand outside with younger students for pick up to make sure they get to their car if they do not have a guardian watching the class. 

  • Moving Pictures Dance Co has the right to contact you via the email, phone number and social media accounts that you put on your registration form.

  • Students are not allowed to eat or chew gum while they are dancing as it is a choking hazard.

  • Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the dance floor. Parents/Guardians who come to watch class must take off their shoes. 

  • Dancer’s cell phones must stay in their dance bag or on the side of the room during class.

  • Parents can take photos of their own children  and the dance teachers/teacher assistants during dance class but are not allowed to take photos of other children unless they have permission form their parent or guardian. If another child accidentally gets into your shot, please crop them out/cover them up l or delete the photo/video. If you post a photo or video from in the studio on social media, we request that you tag the studio. 

  • Costumes must be paid for in their entirety before they are ordered, we have a budget of $100 a costume. You must buy a costume if you wish to participate in the recital, participation in recital is optional. Refunds will not be given if the recital is reimagined due to COVID-19 or other unforeseen circumstances. Refunds will not be given if a child drops out of classes.


  • To account for limited class sizes due to COVID-19, all drop ins must register at least 1 Day before their class this year to save their spot in class. How do I register? Message us on Instagram, message us on Facebook or email and let us know what class you would like to do! You don’t need to receive a response back from us, assume your spot is saved unless you hear otherwise! 

  • If a class becomes full, it will be posted to our Facebook page. If a class becomes permanently full it will be posted on our schedule on the website.

  • Moving Pictures Dance Co has a no refund policy.

  • In the case the studio has to shut down due to COVID-19, a Pandemic, snowstorms, natural disasters or any unforeseen circumstances, classes will go online. Refunds will not be given as students have the option to take class online. In the case of snowstorms some classes may be given credits for other classes or a make up class, Moving Pictures is not responsible if student's cannot attend make up classes, refunds will not be given if a student can't attend the make up class. Moving Pictures Dance Co will choose the type of make up class offered.

  • Registered students are registered for the entire dance year. Registered students can drop a class after any month but must email us to officially drop out of the class to allow your space to be opened for other potential students. If a student stops attending classes and does not pay for the new month without explanation, Moving Pictures has the right to give their space in class to another student. Refunds will not be given if you drop out midway through the month. 

  • Moving Pictures has the right to bring in a substitute teacher at any time without prior notice to students or parents.

  • The studio has the right to cancel class the day of, due to weather, government regulations, teacher illness, emergency or other reasons. If class is cancelled, it will be posted on our social media and it will emailed/messaged out to regular students. We recommend checking our social media before class particularly in the winter.

  • In the case of class being cancelled due to weather, dance class will be offered online for all registered students, will be made up at another time or registered students will receive a credit to attend a different class on the schedule. Moving Pictures Dance Co will make the choice of how to make up class for each individual class. 

  • I understand that the studio has pre scheduled holidays. I understand that some months may have 3 classes while others may have 5. I understand registered students pay not per hour in the month but divided up into equal payments every month. I understand even with holidays registered students are getting a discounted rate compared to drop-ins. 


  • We are an anti-bullying studio and are committed to keeping our studio family safe from bullying. All bullying cases will be addressed with a customized approach. We have the right to expel dancers from the studio for bullying as a last resort or for extreme cases. However, we will try to solve all conflicts within the studio.​​

All policies are subject to change by the authority of Moving Pictures Dance Co. COVID-19 policies may change as government regulations change.  

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