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May 17th-21st (Wednesday-Sunday)

St. John's Convention Centre

NOTE: Show up 3 hours before your scheduled time if you are on the jr teen, sr teen, or adult team. Minis and petites should show up 1 hour before.



Jr Hair


Cinderella’s Ball-2 French Braids Into a High Pony 


Lifeguards-Middle part low pony


Beauty and the Beast-Jr can choose but must be able to make the hair for Lifeguards and disco work with the break they have between


Disco-Slicked back into high pony no braids 


Teen Hair 


Emerald City- 2 French Braids into High Pony Staight, Glenda and Alphba can be dancer choice within the style of their Character 


Back Home Ballers-2 French braid whole head, different than performances before


Take Me to Church-Middle part-low pony tail no braids 


Beauty and the beast-same as dance quest 




6:22 PM

One Step Closer-Adult 



7:24 PM

Emerald City-Sr Teen Team



12:16 PM

Cinderella’s Ball-Jr Teen Team


9:45 PM

Back Home Ballers-Sr Teen Team 


6:52 PM

Take Me to Church-Sr Teen Team


11:54 AM

Lifeguards-Jr Teen Team

2:35 PM

Beauty and The Beast


3:17 PM

September-Jr Teen Team


8:00 PM

Final Hour Showdown-Beauty and The Beast

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